BASEBALL TEAM IN LEWISVILLE, ARKANSAS, ABOUT 1910. Players include: Ben Wheat, Acey Drew, Subby Seller of Texarkana, Leigh (Red) McClendon, Tom (Tobey) Tolson, and Walter (Lazy) McDonald. The Umpire is Todd Whatley. Spectators in front include: Norman Hamilton; Bill, Fannie, and Rowens Tolson; Susie King (child); Mrs. D. Todd (Lillie) Whatley; Mrs. D. L. King; Mrs. J. Boyette; Robert L. Searcy and children Jack and R. L.; Dr. Bright; and Joe Barham. In back are: Faye Walker, Mrs. J. W. Velvin; Professor Bright, Austin Ward, B. Johnson, Mrs. Leigh (Susie) McClendon, Lucy and Sadie DuBose, and Dr. Barham. Picture and identification are from V. V. Tolson. Copy by Robert Walz.

LOOKING SOUTHEAST ON SPRUCE STREET IN LEWISVILLE, ARKANSAS, FEBRUARY 8, 1912. From left: Dr. O. T. Barham's Drug Co.; H.C. Stewart and Son; Lafayette County (or Warren's) Drug Store; P. D. Burton (and Copeland) General Merchandise; Lester and Patton (facing South); and the depot. Picture is from Edwin Hurd. Copy by Robert Walz.






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