Morrison and Eppinette, Historical Ouachita County, p. 63


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Ouachita County's role in the Civil War is revealed by the large number of Confederate veterans on parade on Washington Street in Camden in the early 1900s. The building on the right is the Leake-Ingram Library.

Photograph Courtesy of the Ouachita County Historical Society and Anna Leah Chidester Harrell

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The Ouachita County Courthouse served as a backdrop for the reunion of the Hugh McCullom Camp of Confederate Veterans in 1916. The persons pictured are: 1. George W. Newton, 2. David Felsenthal, 3. John Evans, 4. T.J. ("Dal") Gatling, 5. Harrison Chambliss, 6. Ferd. M. Cross, 7. J.H.C. Brown, 8. J. Warren Juinel, 9. Chas. W. Garner, 10. D.W. Reeves, 11. Wm. Walker, 12. Silas A. Pope, 13. John H. White, 14. Wm. Wilson, 15. Andrew Harcrow, 16. S.B. ("Blackie") Lide, 17. E. Rowland Pope, 18. Jas. C. Culp, 19. Wm. L. Webb, 20. Arch. Hamilton, 21. Vol. W. James, 22. John W. Bird, 23. John W. ("Jack") Hollis, 24. J.C. ("Dad") Wood, 25. Rev. Ruffin T. Davis, 26. W. Jeff. Pickett, 27. Edwin L. Dews, (Sons of Veterans) 28. Ed. Harper, 29. Jas. C. Usrey, 30. Adolph Felsenthal.

Photograph Courtesy of the Ouachita County Treasurer's Office

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Several Confederate Veterans of the Civil War were photographed at Chidester, Arkansas, on October 20, 1916. They are (left to right) J.R. McAteer, Company B, 33rd Arkansas; T.J. Clingan, Company H, 33rd Arkansas; W.C. Lee, Alabama; J.C. Wood, Company K, 69th Alabama; J.L. Stott, Turner's Company, Fagan's Brigade, Crawford's Regiment, Cavalry; J.C. Rhodes, Company C, 15th Arkansas; W.L. Webb, Company D, 33rd Arkansas.

Photograph Courtesy of Jesse C. Wood

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Lt. Stokeley Morgan of Camden won fame by firing the first shot in the Spanish-American War at Manila Bay in the Phillipines on May 1, 1898.

Photograph Courtesy of Ritchie Morgan

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The two soldiers are from the Spanish-American War era. One of the men is identified as V.O. Buck.

Photograph Courtesy of the Ouacbita County Historical Society and Anna Leah Chidester Harrell







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