Oral History Of John Teeter

Interview conducted by Sarah Huett on October 21, 1997, for Professor Tom Forgey's class in Arkansas History at Southern Arkansas University. The interview took place at Teeter's home in Prescott, Arkansas, and was part of "Golden Reflections," an intergenerational project organized by Nancy Bailey of the Area Agency on Aging of Southwest Arkansas, Inc. The transcript below is an excerpt of this taped-recorded interview. The original audio tape is archived at Magale Library at Southern Arkansas University.



Sarah Huett (SH): When and where were you born?

John Teeter (JT): I was born in Van Buren, Arkansas, on the Arkansas River on September 14, 1920.

SH: Who were your parents and what did they do for a living?

JT: My father was John Teeter, Sr. from Russelville. He was a school administrator. That is why we moved to south Arkansas. He became the superintendent of Bodcaw Schools in 1914. My mother was Ruth McCarol from Van Buren. She was a lst grade teacher for 35 years.

SH: What kind of education do you have?

JT: I finished high school in Prescott. I finished college at what is now U.C.A. in Conway. I did some graduate work at the University of Alabama. I had trouble making up my mind if I wanted to be a teacher or stay in business.

SH: When did you graduate from high school?

JT: 1938 .

SH: When did you graduate from what is now U.C.A.?

JT: 1942.