ARKANSAS HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, Volume 16, Summer 1957, p.203







In the 1890's ex-Governor Powell Clayton asked Josiah H. Demby to write for him an account of the operations of Brigadier General R. F. Catterson's militia in South Arkansas in 1868-69. When Clayton published his Aftermath of the Civil War, in Arkansas in 1915, he included in it some of the material supplied by Demby but most of Demby's account has remained unpublished.

Josiah H. Demby, a native of Georgia, served in the Civil War in Company G, Fourth Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, U. S. Army, from which he was discharged June 30, 1865, at Little Rock. He remained in Arkansas the rest of his life and represented Scott, Polk, Montgomery, and Hot Spring Counties in the General Assembly in 1868 and Montgomery County in 1879. He died at Hot Springs February 13, 1918.

Originals of the documents her published are owned by Louise Demby (Mrs. O. L.) Shull of Hot Springs. Permission to copy and publish them was obtained from Mrs. Shull by A. Howard Stebbins, Jr., Little Rock.


Hot Springs, Nov. 11th, 189---

Gen. Powell Clayton

Dear Gen

Yours of the 8th asking me for a full statement of Militia transactions so far as my memory can furnish received and in reply will state that I have in my possession all the orders for the formation of the 1st Regt Ark State Guards and the order putting them into active service and what they did under Gen Catterson in South West Ark. I have an old trunk with the papers all in them, will take them and give the facts. I remember well the conversation you and I had in the Gov office in Nov. 1868 and your personal orders to me, remember well the Union soldiers that were assassinated in 1866, 1867 and 1868.








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