Howard County -- History Articles

1. "James H. Howard", by Russell P. Baker in Arkansas Historical Quarterly 35
(Winter 1976): 360-65.
A brief account of the life and career of a Reconstruction-era politician from Pike county for whom Howard county is named.
2. "Salt Springs and Salt Works in Arkansas," by Virginia Buxton in Arkansas Historical Quarterly 16 (Winter 1957): 383-86.
Tells about early salt works in Sevier and Howard counties.
3. "Reminiscences of an Arkansas Pioneer as Recorded in 1890," edited by H.M. McIver in Arkansas Historical Quarterly 17 (Spring 1958): 56-67.
Oral history from Clark Ward, an early settler of Rocky Comfort circa the1820s and later a Confederate soldier at the Battle of Shiloh.
4. "Clayton's Militia in Sevier and Howard Counties," by Virginia Buxton in Arkansas Historical Quarterly 20 (Winter 1961): 344-50.
Two letters published in 1890 from local citizens, opponents of Reconstruction and Governor Clayton Powell's declaration of martial law in 1868 in southwest Arkansas.