Study Questions


Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-Blank:

1, Which of these responsibilities, as a citizen of Washington and Hempstead County, did James Black not undertake?

a) jailor
b) patrol
c) serve on an inquest jury
d) mayor

2. Black is believed to have made his famous knives through a secret process known as _________________.

3. Exampes of knives made by Black are found today in _______________ and in ___________.

4. Black was said to have tested the quality of his knive blades by:

a) cutting hickory ax handles for half an hour and then shaving his arm
b) cutting down half an acre of young trees
c) cutting his children's hair
d) cutting firewood for a week

5. After Black became blind, local leaders provided for him as a _________ of Hempstead County.


Map Exercise:

On a map of the United States, trace the journey of James Black from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Washington, Arkansas. How far did he travel? Why did he use rivers, except for the beginning and end of his journey?


Short-Answer Questions:

1. How and where did James Black learn his skills in making and shaping metals?

2. Where did Black settle on the Arkansas frontier?

3. What was the happiest time of Black's life? the unhappiest? Why?

4. What is Black's most famous for doing?

5. What historical evidence documents the life of James Black?