ARKANSAS HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, Volume 4 (Spring 1945), p. 172








The originals of the two following letters belong to Fletcher Smith, Jr. Conway, a relative of Newell McEachern, writer of the first letter. Both writers were members of Company G, 6th Ark. Infantry, first known as James P. Austin's Columbia Guards. Newell McEachern died of typhoid a few days after the date of his letter to Effie McEachern, his sister. H. B. Harris, writer of the second letter, continued with his company into Mississippi. The last word of him is a note in the muster roll of October, 1862, which says: "Left sick at Corinth in the country Apl 62." Members of the company mentioned by Harris, are further identifiable from muster rolls as James F. Abney (Jim), C. C. Brown, John Glanton.

                      Pocahontas, Ark.
                      July 9, 1861


I thought I would write to you this morning although I have not received a letter from any of you yet---Therefore it is with some reluctance that I write. There is [nothing] of importance to write. We are fixed up for house keeping here now. They are going to organize a Brigade, Capt. says when we leave here, that we will [have] Twenty thousand men. We are sixty miles from Bonneville, Missouri, where they had one fight. Five thousand men can [be] collected here now in a few days notice. It is thought to be certain now that we will [be] turned over to the Confederate Service. Then we will no longer be Arkansas troops And Hardee the author of Hardee's Tactics will be our General. But should we remain Arkansas troops, Yell the Brother of the Mexico Yell will be General. Our Brigade is intended to consist of Five Regiments of Infantry 2 of Cavalry 2 companies of Artillery, which will make quite a crowd together. One of Sentinels got scared at his post last night. He says a panther was passing around him. I reckon it was a wolf. No man passes the guard now.








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