ARKANSAS HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, Volume 11 (Spring 1952), p. 1



Magnolia, Arkansas

The origin of place names engages the attention of those who have become interested in local history. Not infrequently some phase of early settlement and development would be lost without the key given by the name of some creek, mountain, prairie, or community center. And it is astounding how quickly and how completely lost to the knowledge of men the origin of some place name can become within the matter of a few generations.

For instance, it has proven impossible so far to determine with any degree of assurance the origin of the name of a Negro community in south central Columbia County, Arkansas, known today as Noxube. There is reason to believe that its beginnings as such a community does not date further back than the first or second decade following the War Between the States.

All the more reason, then, that as many place names as possible be investigated with reference to origins and the findings recorded, irrespective of the seeming insignificance of the stream, mountain, country post office, or community center.

A further illustration of this point is found in the case of the origin of the name of Columbia County's largest city and seat of county government.

* This article appeared in The Daily-Banner News, Magnolia, Arkansas, on June 31, 1951. Mr. W. R. Whitehead, manager, has given permission for its use in this magazine. Ed.








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