ARKANSAS HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, Volume 8 (Spring 1949), p. 327








Magnolia, Arkansas*


THE OLD FRAZIER PLANTATION HOME, "Frog Level," was built in true colonial style in 1852 and is a historical land mark in Columbia County, Arkansas. The name "Frog Level" was first given to the imposing structure by a young attorney, B. F. Askew; the name was chosen because the frogs were so numerous in the bottoms near-by.

All the timbers which were used in the construction of the house were cut on the plantation, and carried by a two-wheel ox-cart to a small mill about five miles away. The planks were later returned to the farm where they were hand-dressed by slaves.

Four large square columns support the two-story porch of the old mansion. Across the front there are eight large windows which are emphasized by green shutters. The window facings are set flush with the wide side boarding of which the house is built. Many of the original glass panes are preserved in the fan lights around the double doors, upstairs and down. This glass has many imperfections, both in texture and in color. Supposedly, all glass in the house was bought in New Orleans.

The fourteen-foot-wide hall has a well proportioned stairway with round balustrade and scallop-trimmed runners. A few of the original hand-wrought locks are still on the doors, but only one six-inch key has been preserved.

In each of the three bedrooms and in the large living room, a three foot dado was built. The fireplace mantels are pegged together, and there are five of them in the house. Originally these mantels were stained a dull color; they are very plainly built, with little or no carving.
* Mrs. Woodward received her college education in Galloway Woman's College and in Hendrix College.
She and Mr. Woodward have four children and they have helped to rear four more girls. She was voted a life membership in the Arkansas Historical Association because of the many courtesies extended to the membership at the annual meeting held at Magnolia.








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