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First Kansas (Colored) Volunteers
A National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for Teachers site, prepared by Bruce Demaree, a teacher in Towanda, Kansas, giving a comprehensive history of this Black unit of the Camden expedition who fought in the Battles of Poison Springs, Marks' Mills, and Jenkin's Ferry. This site also has documents and teaching units.
Battle Summaries of the Red River Campaign and Camden Expedition
Provides brief accounts of each of the battles of these campaigns.
The Fight for Equal Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War
This lesson from the Teaching with Documents Program of the National Archives surveys several topics on this subject. The bluecoat's memoir deals especially with Black soldiers in the camden expedition.
The Civil War in Arkansas
This comprehensive Internet site is the work of the Civil War Round Table of Arkansas. It has a searchable database prepared by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program that lists all military actions in the state by date and location. It provides accounts of all major battles as well as guides to their respective historic parks, including the battles at Poison Springs, Marks Mills and Jenkins' Ferry, for which there are state parks. It has a bibliography of the principal books on the war in Arkansas, a listing of various groups interested in preserving Civil War history, and links to other relevant Internet sites.
Arkansas Map of Civil War Battles
A map of the state with the principal Civil War battles marked. It has links to short descriptions of each battle.
The Battle of Prairie DeAnn
An account of the battle by J.H. Atkinson, early 20th century historian of Arkansas, from a copy at the Nevada County Depot Musem.


The Battle of Marks Mills
Two amateur enthusiasts of Civil War history, Wayne Beck of Arkansas and Kenneth Byrd of Indiana, collaborated on this site focusing upon the Arkansas Civil War soldiers which also contains a short account of the Red River Campaign and its principal battles in Arkansas, one of which was the Battle of Marks Mills.
Newspaper Articles from Camden Expedition
A series of contemporary news articles re-published in 1989 by the Grant County Museum. Unfortunately, little information is provided about the dates or sources from which the articles came.
The Red River Campaign
A general overview of the Red River Campaign, of which the Camden Expedition and the Battle of Marks Mills were a part, that includes the official report of Confederate General E. Kirby Smith. This material is from a larger site on the Civil War prepared by Dick Weeks, an amateur enthusiast of Civil War history.
Ouachita County History and Culture
Carol Smith's site for the Arkansas Genealogy GenWeb Project, part of the USGenWeb Project, a volunteer-created effort to set up websites for genealogical research in every county and state of the United States. Ouachita's site has a lot of general historical information about Camden and the county.