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CURA Creek and BAYOU CURA in Independence County have a Spanish name meaning "Priest." Maybe the name commemorates the visit of a priest to Catholic settlers.

CUSOTTE Bayou in Jefferson and Lincoln counties has the name of a French family at Arkansas Post. Their name also is spelled Cou(s)ot. Francisco Cousot was a member of the militia at Arkansas Post in 1780 (76). In 1816 the U. S. government rejected the claim of Francis Coussot to 760 arpents of land on the Arkansas River (77.)

DEBASTROP Township, Ashley County, keeps the title of Felipe Enrique Neri, the Baron De Bastrop. In 1796 he received a grant of twelve square leagues (a little more than 848,000 acres) on the Ouachita River above present Monroe, Louisiana. The tract extended into Arkansas (78).

DEPARTEE Creek in White and Jackson counties empties into the White River. Perhaps its name came from the past participle, departi, of the French verb, departir, "to separate."

DE ROCHE, a creek in Hot Spring County, gave its name to a community. Dr. Hunter referred to the stream as Bayu des Roches, "Bayou of the Rocks." Also he spoke of Isle de roches, "Rocky Island," on the Ouachita (79). In correct French it would be Isle des Roches, "Island of Rocks."

FOURCHE (Fr. Fork) Bayou, Pulaski County, is incorrectly labeled Bayou Fourche (Fr. Forked Bayou) in the Union Forces "Field Sketch of Engagement of September 10, 1863, Preceding Capture of Little Rock (80)."

FOURCHE A THOMAS (Fr. Thomas Fork), the name of a tributary of Black River in Randolph County, was corrupted to Fourche Dumas, (81) "Dumas Fork."

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