Arkansas History Internet Sites

1. The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

  • The Butler Center is the premier online resource for teachers of Arkansas history.
  • Provides lesson plans, online activities for students, photographs, and responses to questions.
  • Also has a regular newsletter to update teachers and others about new features of Center.

2. Historic Arkanas Museum (formerly Arkansas Territorial Restoration)

  • Describes the museum's restored houses and exhibits from Arkansas' frontier days.
  • Educational Resources describes outreach programs for K-12 teachers, including regular e-mails about Arkansas history.

3 . Arkansas History Commission and State Archives

  • Describes historical records available and when, where, and how to access the archives.
  • Historical Facts about the state contains basic information.
  • 4. Old State House Museum

    • Describes history of this first state capitol building of Arkansas.
    • Collections describes holdings of artifacts in the museum.
    • Exhibits describes artifacts currently displayed at the museum.
    • Educational Programs describes tours and publications especially designed for K-12 needs.

    5. Persistence of the Spirit (African American History in Arkansas)

    • Provides excerpts from materials developed for exhibits, videos, booklets,and classroom guides by humanities scholars in cooperation with the University of Arkansas at PineBluff and the Arkansas Humanities Council.

    6. Arkansas Historical Association

    • Publishes a Arkansas Historical Quarterly four times a year and holds an annual meeting.
    • Gives J. H. Atkinson Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Arkansas History to a K-12 teacher.
    • Provides online resources developed for Arkasas History Summer Institute, including Arkansas History: A Natural for the Classroom Resource Guide.

    7. Arkansas Archeological Association

    • Publishes Field Notes six times a year, The Arkansas Archeologist once per year and holds annual meeting.
    • Sponsors Training Program each summer that includes archeological excavation.
    • Cooperates with Arkansas Archeological Survey that has educational resources for teachers.

    8. The Civil War in Arkansas

    • Sponsored by the Civil War Round Table of Arkansas with links to the Civil War Discovery Trail.
    • Has a searchable chronological database to find information about the war in each Arkansas county.

    9. The Delta Cultural Center

    • Describes exhibits at Delta Cultural Center in Helena.
    • Examples of blues music of Delta can be heard.

    10. Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

    • Describes the various projects of this state agency that promotes architectural preservation.

    11. Official Website for the State of Arkansas

    • Provides links to all government agencies and much general information about the state.

    12. Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

    • Describes activities of this state agency, which runs several historic parks
    • History and Heritage describes many sites of interest to visitors interested in history.