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The courses I teach using the Web


Images for courses (restricted to SAU students)

Psychology Resources on the World Wide Web

Page supporting book (1999) of same title, provides errata, updates, and more.

(restricted to SAU students, see me for password)

Using the Internet for Social Science Research and Practice

Page supporting book (1996) of same title by Kardas and Milford, provides all links from book and newer ones. Page is no longer updated.

Presentations made in 1997 to a teaching conference in psychology

Basic instructions on how to build your first home page.

Hints on How to Use the Web to Teach

Short history of my involvement with using computer technology in teaching

Presentation made in 2000 to Focus on Learning Conference

Creating and using Web interactive databases in classes, administration, and research

How to use FileMaker Pro databases on the Web, includes examples from all three areas listed.

Presentation made in 2001 at Drury University

Teaching with technology: Weaving bits in the Web

Update and analysis of my experiences using technology in teaching

Presentation made in 2001 at Drury University

Research methods in psychology: Experiments

Lecture and study notes on the basics of experimentation


All you would ever want to know about me.

Family Album (temporarily unavailable)

Collection of old and new photos of me and my family.

Peace 101 Logo (pdf)

Who is Ed. kardas? (Video)

Quick (8 hrs to create) and dirty (too much Ken Burns effect) video describing me in about three minutes.