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Text: King, L. (2017). The science of psychology: An appreciative view. (4th. ed.)McGraw-Hill, New York.
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General psychology is a difficult course because it covers many of the wide range of topics which constitute modern psychology. Unlike in later and more advanced courses, students in this course must shift gears often as topics change. The course begins with a look at the history of psychology, the research methods psychologists use, and the biological bases of psychology. The areas of sensation and perception are examined next as are variations in consciousness. Learning and memory are covered next. Personality and psychopathology close out the course. Understand that the list above by no means covers all of psychology, much must be left out. Full attendance is expected. Tests are a combination of objective items (multiple choice, matching, and true or false). Make up exams will be given only for good cause AND with notification ahead of time. See below for test hints. ALL TESTS WILL BE GIVEN ONLINE AND WILL BE OPEN BOOK/OPEN NOTES.

Week Chapter Topics Lectures
8/16 1, 2

What is Psychology, Psychology's Scientific Method, Searching the Web, First Day of Class, Psychology Topics Look at that graphic and you can see the wide variety of subtopics that make up modern psychology.

Chapter 1 and 2 Lectures, NoxOut,
8/23 1, 2 What is Psychology, Psychology's Scientific Method  
8/30 1, 2 What is Psychology, Psychology's Scientific Method Test 1, Hints 1
9/6 3 Biological Foundations of Behavior (Labor Day)

Chapter 3 Lectures, Stress and Time Management

9/13 3 Biological Foundations of Behavior

Test 2

9/20 4 Sensation and Perception Chapter 4 Lectures,
9/27 4 Sensation and Perception (Fall Break: 9/30 & 10/1)) Test 3
10/4 6 Learning and Conditioning

Chapter 6 Lectures

10/11 6 Learning and Conditioning  
10/18 7 Memory (Midsemester grades out) Chapter 7 Lectures, Hints 4
10/25 12 Personality Chapter 12 Lectures
11/1 15 Psychological Disorders (Last Date to Drop is 11/3) Chapter 15 Lectures
11/8 15 Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16 Lectures

11/22 16 (Thanksgiving) Therapies  
11/29 16 Therapies  
12/6   Final Exams Test 5
    Commencement is Friday 10 December  

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