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See also: Kardas & Milford, Using the Internet for Social Science Research and Practice (1996), Wadsworth Publishing

From the Preface

...this text was written as a means for jump starting students into using the Web. The text does so by providing a large number of stable and informative sites for students to use just by clicking on or typing in the URL. The organization of the text is similar to that of a typical text in general psychology.

This text was written for any psychology student at any level and in any course. To make selection of sites easier for students, each URL listed is described by its title, type of page, depth of coverage, length of page, whether or not it links to other pages, whether or not it contains graphics, and whether it requires additional software.

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Conducting Research on the World Wide Web?

This handy guide to psychology resources on the Web is launching pad to fast, efficient research! Organized by topic, this resource allows you to explore psychology sites that enhance every chapter of your textbook. You'll find:

"This project would work very well for me and would prove to be an invaluable tool for our students. The scope proposed is excellent. I see this book as one that students would probably use extensively in the course for which it is required, but would be kept in use in several other courses. It is an invaluable resource."

Christine Ziegler, Kennesaw State College

"The proposed project would be a useful resource for students. It would solve students' biggest problem in researching relevant WWW sites--finding sites that are substantive, meaningful, and legitimate."

David Wilson, Culver-Stockton College

"I love this project. It would be extremely useful and there is nothing of this scope or detail available today. I especially liked the detail with which this was handled. The resources were highly specific."

Sherry Loch, Paradise Valley Community College

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