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Jan 11


21st Century PsychologyFull Text Chapter 1

Jan 18 (MLK Day 1/18)


Psychology in Prehistory

Day in Life 1 MYA Test 1

Jan 25



Feb 1


Greek Philosophy

Feb 8


Test 2

Feb 15 (President's Day 2/15)


From Faith to Humanism

Feb 22


Test 3

Mar 1Mid-Term March 8, 2021



From the Renaissance to the Dawn of Science

Mar 8


Test 4

Mar 15


From Philosophy to Social Science to Introspective Psychology

Mar 22


Test 5

Mar 29 Drop Day is March 31, 2021


Biological Psychology

Apr 5


Functional Psychology Test 6

Apr 12



Apr 19


Neo-Behaviorism Test 7

Optional Paper Chapters  

11 Gestalt Psychology, 12 Personality & Psychopathology
Ask me for copies of those chapters if you plan to write the optional paper or if you just wish to read them.

Apr 26 Final Exams Begin   Commencement is Friday 30 April





Tests will be a combination of objective and short answer items. An optional paper on chapters 11 or 12 may be used to substitute for one's lowest grade. Paper topics must be declared to me by 4/5/21. You may drop one test as well. You must take all tests. There is no "final comprehensive exam." Yes, you may drop one test and you may substitute a paper for another test.

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Any act of dishonesty in academic work constitutes academic misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action. Acts of dishonesty include, but are not limited to, plagiarism and cheating.

For detailed information on academic integrity, read page 36 of the SAU 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog.

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