Developmental Psychology/Summer I 2018
Edward P. Kardas (Peace 109/x4231/ )
Office: M-R 2-4 in Nelson 200
Southern Arkansas University
Text: Bee and Boyd, (2015). Lifespan development, 7th Ed. New York: Pearson.

PSYC 3223. Developmental Psychology. Prerequisite: PSYC 2003. A comprehensive survey of human growth, maturation, and development, over the life span. Fall, spring and summer semesters. (SAU Catalog).

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It is the policy of SAU to accommodate students with disabilities as provided by law. Students with disabilities should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. They should also contact the Office of Disability Support Services in Nelson 203, 235-4145.

Psychology is the study of human behavior and thought. Developmental psychology examines both of those within the context of human growth and maturation. Most human development takes place early in life, especially in utero. However, development is a lifelong process. In this summer class we will concentrate more on early development, but we will also look at the end of life as well. Throughout the term, we will break development down into categories of: physical, cognitive, and social. Because this is a summer class, time is at a premium. Be sure not to miss class.

For Test 1, Study:
Test 1date: Mon. June 4


For Test 2, Study:
Test 2 date: Mon. June 11


Early & Middle Childhood
Test 3date: Mon. June 18

Early & Middle Adulthood
Test 4date: Mon. June 25

Late Adulthood & End of Life
Test 5 date: Thur. June 28

Chapter 1
Basic Concepts & Methods
Chapter 2
Theories of Development
Chapter 3
Prenatal Development & Birth


Chapter 4
Physical, Sensory, & Perceptual Development
Chapter 5
Cognitive Development
Chapter 6
Social & Personality Development

Chapter 7
Physical & Cognitive Development Early
Social and Personality Development Early
Chapter 9
Physical & Cognitive Development Middle
Chapter 10
Social and Personality Development Middle

Chapter 13
Physical & Cognitive Development Early
Chapter 14
Social and Personality Development Early
Chapter 15
Physical & Cognitive Development Middle
Chapter 16
Social and Personality Development Middle

Chapter 17
Physical & Cognitive Development
Chapter 18
Social and Personality Development
Chapter 19
Death, Dying, & Bereavement


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